This is the fourth part in my 5-part special regarding project management software which IT executives have found useful in their work and daily tasks. To give you a brief review, here are the choices made by the following people:

Ron Rose = Primavera Systems’ Primavera

Michael Vertefeuille = Nortel’s Enterprise Policy Manager (EPM)

Kevin Clark = BMC Software’s Remedy Help Desk

Today’s article would tackle about Mimosa Systems’ NearPoint Server and how it had helped IT director Steve Perry.

Today’s article would tackle about Mimosa Systems’ NearPoint Server and how it had helped IT director Steve Perry.

Steve Perry, the IT director of Costello & Sons Insurance and has been in the networking industry for 22 years. The IT director explained that he works in a paper-less environment meaning that they rely mostly on e-mail messages being sent and received through their three California branch locations: San Rafael, Irvine and Santa Barbara. Transactions are ususally conducted through e-mail and with a digital back-up. Due to this, the company needs a software that would ensure protection in their e-mail process.This is where Mimosa Systems’ NearPoint Server takes over. According to the IT director, there are three primary tasks done by the said software. These primary tasks are considered critical in their business operations and helps the firm in having smooth business transactions.

Three Primary Tasks:

  • backs up Exchange in real time
  • provides continuous data protection for the e-mail system
  • provides failover for the exchange server

Aside from that, the software easily fixes crashes. If ever a person experiences exchange server crashes, all they have to do is to go to the NearPoint Server and click the restore button and after 30 minutes, the system is up and running. E-mail attachments are also taken care of the software through configuration of the NearPoint Server to extract attachments from Exchange thus deliver it from the NearPoint Server.

Thoughts and Insights

E-mail is extremely important for an organization because most of the transactions conucted by firms are through e-mails. It is also the most convenient way to communcate with other people in the organization eliminating the need to take the elevator and climb up to the whatever floor you need to go. The IT director who mentioned the importance of e-mail is wise in choosing the NearPoint server because based on his description, it really protects their e-mail system effectively. One of the good points mentioned by the IT director is the restore option whenever the exchange server crashes. Crashes are considered as normal part of today’s modern world because of the heavy bulk it handles everyday therefore softwares should find a a way to restore the operations once this incident happens and fortunately, IT director Steve Perry found this in Mimosa Systems’ NearPoint Server.