This is the third part of my 5-part report regarding the project management softwares used by selected people in the IT industry from different settings. For the first part, I wrote about Ron Rose’s choice which is the Primavera Systems’ Primavera For the second part, I tackled Nortel’s Enterprise Policy Manager which wasMichael Vertefeuille’s best bet. For the third part, I would talk about the features of BMC Software’s Remedy Help Desk.

Kevin Clark, IT Director of Lucasfilm Entertainment has been in the industry for the past 15 years. He explains that in a Linux work environment, there are limited choices but with the emergence of Remedy Help Desk application, this problem is instantly solved.The original purpose of the said tool before was to properly monitor and manage issues in IT from end users up to internal ones. Nowadays, the tool is much more than that because it helped the firm in adopting a stronger change-management philosophy

One of the features of this tool is that it could grant customers access to this tool. This means that a customer could open a trouble ticket on their own enabling them to track it down. If there is a critical issue present which has not been addressed for the past 15 months, the team responsible for it would be automotically notified. The tool also helps people in tracking relevant information more effectively like the tasks done by people and other things that needs more attention.

Aside from that, the tool also has a feature of recognizing if someone is already working on a similar project. This helps people from avoiding accusations of stealing other projects. If the tool cannot solve the problem by itself, it immediately notifies the manager to do something about it.

Thoughts and Insights

In solving problems, it is better to get all the help that you can get in order to solve it. In this case, the Remedy Help Desk seems like a perfect solution to such dilemma. If the tool/computer software would help the manager or even guide them towards solving the proble, I would personally recommend such tool as an effective one because software tools like this are rare. Most of the time, these tools are even considered as the problem itself and to aid in solving such is a big accomplishment in itself. For Kevin Clark, this seems to be the reason why he is satisfied with the Remedy Help Desk.