Finally! We have reached the last part of my special 5-part posting regarding the different software tools which are hand-picked by selected experts in the IT industry. The tools mentioned and the reviews about it are based from the personal experiences by the people featured in this special.

  • Primavera Systems’ Primavera recommended by Ron Rose
  • Enterprise Policy Manager (EPM) by Michael Vertefeuille
  • BMC Software’s Remedy Help Desk recommended by Kevin Clark
  • Mimosa Systems’ NearPoint Server recommended by Steve Perry

For the last part of this special, I would talk about SPI Dynamics’ WebInspect.

Paul Samadani, the Director of corporate technology services Pentair has been in the networking industry for 23 years. In his line of work, they are tasked to monitor the development in-house and externally on their intranet and extranet sites. The director also mentioned that they have a global network of sites which covers all countries and he wants to make sure that the said portals are secure. This is where SPI Dynamics’ WebInspect comes in handy.The difference of WebInspect with other vulnerability tools is its capability to provide answers alongside the problem that it had discovered upon operation. As compared with other vulenrability tools, the only thing that they do is to point out the problem and does not provide any kind of alternative to solve the said problem. In the case of WebInspect, it points out the code and gives references on how to fix that code. This makes a job easier because any developer would be able to read the report and find a way to solve the problem with the given codes as guide.

WebInspect also has the ability to determine how an application service provider (ASP) would be able to handle data. The director mentioned that they run the the WebInspect tool against the ASP thus performing periodic checks with the use of the software tool. In this way, the vulnerabilities in a system would be thoroughly checked thus allowing the firm to save themself from possible failure partnership deals. Through the use of WebInspect, vulnerabilities would never go undiscovered and unsolved.

Thoughts and Insights

WebInspect is the choice of Director Paul Samadani because of its ability to discover the vulnerabilities in the system and it also gives direction on how to solve these vulnerabilities. With this kind of tool in handy, the firm would be able to save lots of money first, from the repair and damage cost as well as consultation fee because there is no need to see. The firm would also be able to save money from the possibility of having failed transactions because the vulnerability was discovered earlier. The ability of WebInspect is a very special one because a usual tool only checks if something is wrong and does not provide any kind of solution to the said problem. Through the use of this tool, the chance of not discovering a vulnerability would be somehow minimized.