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Wanted: IT People with Business Skills

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In the future, this could be the common question asked by HR staff when it comes to recruiting IT staff in the future. Gone are the days wherein an IT staff needs only to focus on their IT skills. In the news article entitled Business Skills Tip Hiring Scale, it revealed the survey results of the study done by SIM (Society for Information Management).

SIM is a Chicago-based organization for IT executives. The dats from the said survey came from the interviews conducted last year. There were 96 IT managers that were interviewed from different companies. The interview results revealed the different attributes that IT managers are looking for in the years to come. These attrributes are:

  • business skills
  • project management talents
  • technical talents
  • client-facing skills

Kate Kaiser, an associate professor of IT at Marquette University in Milwaukee remarked that the survey result is not a big surprise for them because of the trend happening in the IT industry. The professor also remarked that business skills are needed in IT staff because firms are now realizing the benefits of the IT industry hence the need to further enhance such benefits. Other results of the survey are as follows:

    Additional Survey Results:

  • The total IT workforce which includes in-house staffers, contractors and full-time equivalents would show stabilityfrom 2005 to 2008
  • Organizations, especially the large ones would increase their outsourcing rate
  • The same organizations would also increase their use of domestic outsourcing firms with workers that are located offshore.
  • Programming skills would be the most outsourced function of these companies
  • The results revealed that Fortune 500 firms are hiring midlevel employees like analysts, senior systems analysts and project managers.
  • The ussue of baby boomer retirements would not be considered as a hindrance till the year 2011.

Thoughts and Insights

I think that the survey results reported in this article makes sense. This is because the trend now is evolving and in the IT industry, there is no place for the term stagnant. Everything needs to be moving and developing so that it would keep up the fast-paced change in the industry. People involved in the IT department should be aware of this fact which is also the reason why these people need to enhance their skills and grab the different opportunities for growth and development.

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