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IT Workforce: On the Brink

Gone are the days wherein people consider the IT field as the “minefield” for opportunities. A recent survey done by AFCOM showed an alarming trend in the world of IT workforce.

There were 179 IT managers who participated in the survey which aims to find out the latest trend when it comes to workforce in the IT industry. The survey results were able to reveal two relevant nformation:

  • there is an increasing rate of aging workforce in the IT department
  • increase rate in automation

Declining IT WorkforceWorkforce

This is one of the results revealed in the survey conducted. More than half of the participants revealed that at they need at least three months in order to fill up the senior-level technical and management positions that are vacant in their company. Aside from that, 38% of the participants revealed that they are employing less employees that they did five years ago. The survey predicted that by the year 2015, data center workers would decline by 45%.

The Retirement Trend

The survey also revealed that the IT workforce are fast approaching retirement age and replacement for these employments are not coming anytime soon. Nate Viall, a Des Moines-based recruiter who specializes in finding application developers for the IBM iSeries remarked that: 20% of the candidates in his database have 25 years or more of IT experience which is more than triple the percentage in 1999.

The survey was also able to gather information and reasons why the IT workforce is decling and this is the end result:

    Reasons for Cutting the IT Workforce

  • Technology – 74%
  • Automation – 65%
  • Budget cuts – 47.5%
  • Outsourcing – 18.3%
  • Aging/retirement – 18.3%
  • Other – 17%
  • Lack of applicants – 15.8%

Thoughts and Insights

I think the case of people actually losing interest in working for IT is because of the negative publicity sorrounding it. In my opinion, one factor which affects the IT workforce is the exaggeration focused on offshoring/outsourcing certain IT functions. Let’s face it. There are a lot of opportunities available in the IT industry and even if some functions are outsourced, there are still a lot that still remains on its homeland. I guess that people should be more open towards this business trend because as of the moment, it is not going anywhere. Deal with it.

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