Reducing the Risk of Financial Loss through Commercial Insurance

commercialinsuredEvery business owner knows that there are many risks involved in running a business.  The cause for financial losses coming from claims or compensation in any business are just downright frustrating.  However, these risks are always present in any business setting which is why it is best for any business to be financially protected from such by investing on financial protection in the form of commercial insurance.  If ever any eventualities occur where claims are made, depending on the coverage of your commercial insurance policy, your insurer will have you covered for any claims settlement reached.

Having insurance will always be the best protection you can have on any of the risks that can be involved in a business.  There are many different policies that provide coverage to a vast amount of potential issues that may occur.  There are even policies that cater to only particular business settings with which they possess the risk of liability, property damage, or compensation within their unique business environment.  Getting to avoid the risk of financial loss by means of commercial insurance protection gives the business reduced risk management.

If you are running a business, having the financial protection of a commercial insurance …

Project Management Quotes

I have always been enamored with quotation and sayings that left me laughing for hours and could make me smile whenever I recall the said quotes.Project Management

It’s time to put a temporary lid on the serious stuff and make way to fun and very entertaining project management quotes from Stephen Seay’s blog, ProjectSteps. I have two recent posts which also tackled some of these project management quotes. These posts are Random Thoughts on Project Management and Random Thought in Project Management Part 2. In my opinion, quotes are a different way of providing us knowledge through a fun and entertaining way. Texts which could illicit a response from other people (regardless of the emotion) is something that I consider as an effective one.

Without much ado, here is another collection of project management quotes:

    Project Management Quotes
  • Quantitative project management is for predicting cost and schedule overruns well in advance.
  • Good project managers know when not to manage a project.
  • Metrics are learned men’s excuses.
  • For a project manager overruns are as certain as death and taxes.
  • If there were no problem people there’d be no need for people who solve problems.
  • Some projects finish on time in spite of

Wanted: IT People with Business Skills

What makes you unique as an IT worker?IT People

In the future, this could be the common question asked by HR staff when it comes to recruiting IT staff in the future. Gone are the days wherein an IT staff needs only to focus on their IT skills. In the news article entitled Business Skills Tip Hiring Scale, it revealed the survey results of the study done by SIM (Society for Information Management).

SIM is a Chicago-based organization for IT executives. The dats from the said survey came from the interviews conducted last year. There were 96 IT managers that were interviewed from different companies. The interview results revealed the different attributes that IT managers are looking for in the years to come. These attrributes are:

  • business skills
  • project management talents
  • technical talents
  • client-facing skills

Kate Kaiser, an associate professor of IT at Marquette University in Milwaukee remarked that the survey result is not a big surprise for them because of the trend happening in the IT industry. The professor also remarked that business skills are needed in IT staff because firms are now realizing the benefits of the IT industry hence the need to further enhance such benefits. Other results …

From “Techie” to PM? Think Again

Question: Do you think that a techno-genius should be promoted when he/she has people skills and know how to make a proper appearance?

If your answer to this question is yes, you better think about your decision for more than 100 times. According to the article entitled Great IT Leaders Have To Be Made, Execs Say, being an effective project manager is more than just having the basic skills needed for the job. Kay Palmer, CIO of J.B. Hunt Transport Inc. remarked that if a person pursued this kind of decision over the matter, there is a chance that you could find yourself having a “so-so” manager rather than an effective one.

The best way to find out if a person has the qualities of being an effective project manager is by training them. The training done to these people would include commitment from the part of the participants. One example of these training programs available is the one used by Jerry Bartlett, CIO of TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation. The CIO mentioned that there are three programs included in his kind of training and these are:

  • evaluation of personal characteristics
  • assigning industrial psychologist that is not situated in the firm

The Culture in PM

Culture is something that should come naturally in a group or an organization and not everyone could adapt with certain kind of culture. In project management, there is a term in the tune of “project management culture” which pertains to the norms and ways of people in a project.

In order to adapt with this culture, there should be steps that should be taken in order to ensure that this would run smoothly. Stephen Seay’s blog offers some steps which should be considered whenever such subject is encountered in the course of Project management.

    First Steps in PM Culture
  • clear definition of roles and responsibilities of Project managers and team members
  • forming a basic training plan for project management
  • leaders and other supervisors should have advanced training in PM
  • establish project management office (PMO) to provide guidance to the progress of PM
  • estabish a standard in PM methodology

Additional Project Management Quotes

Here are some of additional PM quotes that could enlighten people in a PM-related work:

Quantitative project management is for predicting cost and schedule overruns well in advance.Good project managers know when not to manage a project.

Metrics are learned men’s excuses.

For a project manager

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