1151 Elden St.
Herndon, VA

all damned night!

The Amphora Restaurant has two locations, one in Vienna and the newer fancypants one in Herndon. I always heard rumors about the restaurants' connection to the Greek mafia, and they were somewhat solidified after a Silver Diner being built two blocks away from the Amphora in Herndon mysteriously burned down one night.

I always go to the Herndon location, which is more convenient to me especially coming home after the bars close in D.C. It's nicer than the Vienna location--it's more of an old school looking diner with a nice, clean interior.

I don't know which is greater--the staff in starched uniforms waiting on you at 4 a.m., the Greek sampler for 2 (a plate filled with stuffed grape leaves, feta cheese, tsatziki, spanakopita for $7), or the on-site bakery which fills up a page in the menu with cake and desserts.

It ain't Denny's (though it has standard diner food), so expect to pay a little more. But if you're inebriated, you won't care or notice.