Mi Tierra Cafe and Bakery

218 Produce Row in Market Square
San Antonio, TX

all damned night!

One of San Antonio's oldest and most revered Tex-Mex institutions, Mi Tierra offers hot food and Mexican baked goods around the clock.

Mi Tierra's fair to middling, both in its prices and the quality of its sturdy, no-surprises-here food; it's more beloved for its age and its atmosphere than any particularly tasty fare. That said, the menu has plenty of variety, and manages to satisfy locals and tourists alike. And it's just about the only place in downtown S.A. to get reasonably good food around the clock.

The Market Square area is just on the periphery of downtown's sketchier neighborhoods; you should be safe at any hour, but late-night visitors should probably keep an eye out just to be safe. Once inside Mi Tierra, look for some nifty murals, colorful decorations, and giant paintings of a jogging President Clinton and slain Tejano singer Selena.