Multiple locations
San Antonio, TX

all damned night!

If it's 3 a.m. in San Antonio and you've just gotta have an omelet and a milkshake, you need Jim's. This homegrown chain of IHOP-style diners offers all the reasonably priced, greasy, unhealthy comfort food a late-night diner could possibly want-- plus a goofy cowboy mascot who looks suspiciously like H. Ross Perot.

Jim's food is about what you'd expect from a diner chain, but the price is right and the food's tasty enough. They used to have a cinammon milkshake that made for a spicy, funky twist on dessert; it's no longer on their official menu, but it couldn't hurt to ask your server if they're still offering it on the sly.

For the true Jim's experience, skip the soulless, glowing prefab modern franchises and visit one of their '60s-vintage locations (like the one on Broadway just south of Hildebrandt). Space-age architecture and carpets with questionable color combinations will make you feel vaguely like you're a character in a P.T. Anderson movie.