The Waffle House

North High/North of OSU
Columbus, OH

all damned night!

Although a franchise, there are two Waffle Houses in Columbus. My favorite is the one at: state route 161 (East Dublin-Granville rd) at interstate I-71. This one draws a most colorful crowd at all hours of the day. This one shares the parking lot with a 'strip tease' show-bar. Yet it is less than 100 feet from a 24 hour family grocery chain store. A truckers delight as well a Highway travelers reprise. Locals, and College students are regulars as well. Smoking is still acceptable here. Anything with eggs is always the right choice. The namesake waffles are quite good, and you get opportunities to try 'mush' and 'grits'. (Southern cuisene, I am not partial to as of yet.) The waitresses are cheerful, and loud. The place may be too brightly lit for some nighthawks. Always busy, there are some nights I have had to wait in a line out the door just to get a seat. There often is a Cop there to keep bad guys away, and/or unruley drunk people. Their sandwiches are also pretty good. Home of the non-stop coffee refill. I am starting to get hungry just talkin' 'bout it. Bon Apetite!

—david ettinger