North High/North of OSU
Columbus, OH

real late (3-4am)

Check this place out, a brand new entry for denizens of the night. Shi-Sha is a 'hooka' bar. Patrons rent the use of a hooka (pipe) and special middle eastern style smoking tobaccos. Tobacco, dried fruits and aromatic spices are blended together. All types of coffee,& expresso along with pastries. Some fresh pre-made sandwiches. Opens mid-day and stays open after bars are closed, weekends it is open til 4 am. Hooka room separated from dining room, both rooms have windows facing High St. Hooka room is softly lit, with low casual seating. Simple middle eastern decor. The name Shi-Sha is an Arabic interpretation of the sounds associated with the gentle bubbling of the Hooka. The place just opened up in January '04

—David Ettinger