Skyline Chili

Various locations
Cincinnati, OH

pretty late (1-2am)

Hours vary by location but some stay open late to accomodate the bar crowd. Try the one on Ludlow in the Clifton area near the University of Cincinnati.

Skyline serves up the quintessential Cincinnati food: Chili. This is not the typical Tex-Mex style most people think of when they here the word "chili". Rather, it is a sublime Greek derived concoction of beef, tomato paste, spices (such as garlic, cinnamon, cumin, cloves, allspice, cayene pepper) and chocolate. Yes, chocolate. It sounds strange but some sort of mysterious alchemy occurs when these ingrediants are combined in the proper proportions and slowly simmered for the proper amount of time.

There are a number of "ways" of consuming this delicacy. There is, of course, the "Coney" (to the uninitiated, the chili dog). This can be had plain, just chili over a hot dog, or with onions, mustard, and most importantly, cheddar cheese. A suprising number of these can be consumed at a single sitting. Then there are the 3-Way, 4-Way, and 5-Way. This would be chili over spaghetti topped with cheese (3-Way), the same with the addition of onions OR kidney beans (4-Way), and with both onions AND beans (5-Way). Hot sauce may be drizzeled over the whole concoction. Oyster crackers are always served with the meal. There are many other variations to these basics.

There are other Cincinnati Chili restaurants such as Gold Star Chili, Empress Chili (the original Cincinnati Chili Parlor circa 1922) and the singular Camp Washington Chili that you may want to try as well.

WARNING: if you try this dish you may become addicted!