Route 173
Clinton, NJ

all damned night!

Louiseís is one of those really gritty, dirty-Jersey diners thatís always smoky and filled with truckers, day and night. Their food is greasy but surprisingly good; Miller fries are delish, as are toasted bagels with cream cheese, but I never get too crazy and get cheeseburgers or omelets. That said, my (oft-drunken) friends do and they enjoy it.

The prices are amazing.

Aforementioned Miller fries are $1.50 for a medium-sized plate and burgers/omelets/more substantial food are in the $3-$5 range. They have every soda known to man (practically) in 1-liter plastic bottles in a case along the wall and Iíve even gotten a good cup of Liptonís here.

Very important: the coffee is always good and no one will ever bother you about smoking packs and packs of cigs.

All the waitresses are rumored to be hookers and I wouldnít believe it except I know eyewitnesses (best friends) who have seen a couple of the top ones climb in truck cabs with dirty old men at about 3 a.m. The service is either really snappy or absolute shit, depending on the night and the waitress.

The desserts look typically diner-decadent, but I canít say Iíve ever tried them.

The only time Louise's isn't open is all 24 hours of Saturday. Otherwise, they're always open.

Itís a great place. Thereís an A-Treat machine outside, proffering 50-cent sodas in such flavors as black cherry and cream, bringing us back to the 80s when food was fun and hair was...bad.

Have fun.