I (heart) New York Pizza

Hillsborough St. @ Logan
Raleigh, NC

real late (3-4am)

This was the first of the wave of by-the-slice pizzerias that opened on Hillsborough St. across from NC State University circa 1998.

It is a narrow space and requires a lot of maneuvering and squeezing even on slow nights. The seating are bar stools along a green laquer bar and maple benches and chairs around ugly tables topped with a photo of a giant pizza and the standard shakers of oregano, red pepper flakes, parmesan, and garlic powder. Around the walls are black silhouettes of the Manhattant skyline on mirrors.

They offer all the standard varieties and also white pizza, rio rancho (bacon and ranch dressing with tomato slices), cheeseburger, and philly cheesesteak. They use good ingredients and choosing which slices to get is always an ordeal.

$6 will get you two enormous, well-topped slices of pizza big enough to fold in half and a soda with free refills. Two slices should fill up anyone. There is always a two slices of cheese and a soda special for $4.

One can also order entire pizzas, topped to order with anything from artichokes to anchovies as well as calzones, strombolis, and pasta.

The staff is diverse and friendly though often hurried. Usually the Iranian proprietor is around and even if it's 15 minutes after closing time, he'll probably be happy to heat up a few slices.

It can get busy with drunks right after last call, but the wait is never unreasonable.

Open really late weeknights, 3am weekends.