Crabtree Diner

72 Spruce St.
Raleigh, NC

all damned night!

Originally known as the Daybreak Inn, this little establishment located on the bottom floor of the Days Inn on Glenwood Ave. near the intersection with Pleasant Valley Rd. is like a cleaner, shinier Waffle House.

The late night patrons usually include a couple of truckers, post-last-call bar crowds, bad-tipping high school kids, and the occasional down-and-outer mumbling to herself while listing in a booth.

The food includes everything one might expect from an all-night diner: eggs any way you like, various tubed and patted meat products, cheap steak, sandwiches, and nothing a vegan would feel comfortable consuming. None of it is bad, some of it is excellent, and the waitstaff is amicable while serving it to you.

It's a little drive from downtown, but North Raleigh commuters know it well.