Cook Out

72 Spruce St.
Raleigh, NC

real late (3-4am)

Cook-out serves delicious chopped pork barbecue, on a platter or in a bun, as well as delicious burgers up to size Huge (1/2lb!) and chicken sandwiches. Side items include passable hush puppies, very satisfying thick fries in seasoned, chili, cheese, chili+cheese, and unadorned varieties. Beverages include the standard sodas, but the sweet tea stands out. These also come in size Huge, yet miraculously fit in a standard cupholder.

Cook Out also serves "fancy" milkshakes in so many flavors, they need their own menuboard. Chocolate-cherry, Pineapple, and Peanut Butter are delicious.

It's fast food, with a double drive-through and a walk-up window. No single item costs more than $3, though bbq and burger plates (entree and three sides) cost about $6.

The employees are typically very good at getting complicated orders correct and are courteous.

Since the bars close at 2am, the next hour can see quite a few cars in the drive-through lanes, but the wait is never very long. The passenger-side drive through lane is always shorter.

The location at Falls of the Neuse at Sandy Forks is open 'til 1am M-T, and 3am F-Su. Other locations on Capital Blvd. in mid-Raleigh and Walnut St. in Cary.