Fleetwood Diner (3)

300 S. Ashley
Ann Arbor, MI

all damned night!

It's a tiny downtown diner on the corner of Ashley and Liberty -- or somewhere around there; you'll find it -- that's been around since the 1940s. For a long time (though I'm not sure it dates to ann arbor's countercultural heyday) they've been serving Hippy Hash: hash browns, veggies, and feta cheeze. It's good.

The night staff are used to dealing with the inebrated and will chat with you about gentrification, classes, acid trips, and other epherema. The day staff are older, more efficient, and a bit less friendly.

Smoking is permitted, and there are plentiful ash trays; the door provides ample ventilation (leave your coat on in the winter). As the night ends, punks, students, and working-class bohemians will slowly fade into post-middle-aged blue-collar men, then professionals on their way to work.

Order your eggs over medium or they'll be runny, and check out the grafitti in the bathroom.

—Ben Yates