Fleetwood Diner (2)

300 S. Ashley
Ann Arbor, MI

all damned night!

This place has a bit of history behind it -- known as the 'hippie hang' and during the 60's and 70's. Iggy Pop is said to have wrote some fantastic songs here right before gigs at the blind pig some 25 years ago, too. If that doesn't matter to you, maybe the fact that this joint continues to pull in interesting wanks from the entire social spectrum will. It's a tiny place, and you can smoke in it. Non smokers or those not willing to inhale it second hand need not apply during the chilly winter hours -- in the summer, you can sit outside or tell the bastards to open a window. Chances are you'll meet someone very interested in music [either in audience or performance capacity] due to it's close proximity to the Blind Pig/8 Ball Saloon and the strip of west AA night clubs.

Don't come here for the cuisine exclusively, but the hippie hash is more than edible according to regulars. Coffee is the usual, waitstaff is slightly grizzled towards the end of the night - but not without reason. Have one drink more than you should and you could get banned for life.