Jerry's Famous Deli

6145 Franklin Ave
Los Angeles, CA

all damned night!

The menu's got about 300 items on it, including breakfast items (served anytime), the obligatory deli sandwiches (with meat stacked mile-high!), entrée salads, pizza, soups, nosh, and dinner entrées.

But I only ever order from the following items: matzoh ball soup; potato pancakes, cheese blintzes (make sure they give you the sour cream AND the strawberry jam!); potato pierogies; or the Reuben. That's not to say the other menu items are inferior; they are not. I just like what I like, and Jerry's does these five menu items better than anyplace else.

I make a special trip to the take-out counter when I'm sick, to get a half-gallon container of their matzoh ball soup.

—K. Lucas