Hollywood Blvd just E of the 101
Hollywood, CA

real late (3-4am)

Swingers [8020 Beverly Blvd] caters to the broke but hip Hollywood crowd by offering tasty food at decent prices. They cover all the bases by serving up standard diner fare while offering dishes with a Californian flair such as the Jerk Chicken Omelette and Challah French Toast. The waitstaff is always top notch and always personable, even at two in the morning after the bars have let out and the surly drunks just want some pancakes.

The resturant also seems to be popular with the young Hollywood types - on recent trips I've spotted not only Quentin Tarantino sitting at the counter nursing some coffee but also Spike Jonez waiting for a table with a hanful of friends. I can't say that you'll always spot a celeb - pseudo or otherwise - but at the very least you're in for a decent meal that won't break your wallet.

the sweetest jukebox ever

—Jason Cosper