Duffin's Doughnuts

Main and 33rd Avenue
Vancouver, BC

kinda late (midnight)

Duffin's has oh-so-much-more than doughnuts to offer those looking to quiet their rumbling stomachs at ungodly hours. The doughnuts, firstly, are better than TimmyHo's. Their 3 doughnuts for $2.00 special makes this late-night joint a perfect place to head after a late-night joint.

If doughnuts aren't your bag, never fear, you will be full yet. The Vietnamese subs are actually Duffin's claim to fame, and for good reason. The chicken sub is reported to be the best, but as a vegetarian I cannot vouch for that. I can, however, highly recommend the veggie subs. They come with avocado! What's not to love?

Fried chicken, fries, coleslaw, slushees, breakfast, instant noodles and pineapple cake are also to be found being enjoyed on the retro orange table tops. The only drawback to late night gorging on Duffin's fare is that it is an activity only to be enjoyed by the most extreme night owls - Duffin's hours of operation are 5am-12am. So, unless you can get there before midnight, you'll have to wait another 5 hours. But the custard buttermilk doughnuts are worth it.